complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

This is how faith is defined. There are of course many other versions of this. In the end it amounts to one thing; belief, in something or someone.

One person’s addiction is another’s faith. It is whatever gets us through.

I do not know if believing in the teachings of the different religions has helped me. I do not know if I have a bias towards what my parents taught me. Perhaps I do, but it can never be quantified or measured against my own experiences of other religions and belief systems.

Many will and have questioned my lack of belief in a particular doctrine. Faith doesn’t increase in numbers, but in complete submission of the individual to their faith.

Dark clouds have hovered over me during different stages of my existence. Today, I exist due to my actions, fortune, unexplained series of events (the unknown) and faith. Again, it’s impossible to quantify these categories.

These moments have also resulted in me abandoning my faith and convinced myself, my faith cannot make the decision to deal with life for me, but it is I, in a conscious state that must make that decision.

Despite our reluctance to admit to others and ourselves of our faith, we all must belief in something, even if it is ourselves and not an external being.

Even a man of no faith has faith in something.

Living life should not be determined by our faith, but supported by it.

Living life should never be left for faith to address on our behalf. It is for us to act.

After all, faith is a choice.


I don’t know where to live any more.
I fear the past, the present and the future.

I miss your hands the most. They still feel like home.

Navin E.

Alone is where my soul rests. Lonely is where my soul is restless.

Navin E.

Corridor of uncertainty

Walking alone
Down the artificially lit corridors
Dejected folk walk ever so slowly
Avoiding any and all eye contact
Stories behind their faces

How many of them can smell the industrial cleaning fluid?

How many of us shall make it through the day?

Come back tomorrow, they say
Cold. Trained. Distant. Vague. Detached
Leaving as you entered; quietly. No room for noise here.
A true circle is this creation
Here; where it all begins and perhaps where it must end.


Not broken
Not broken
Standing still
Not broken
Fallen to the turf
Not broken
Not broken
Not broken

Shall materialise
Shall appear
Shall heal
Shall form
Shall end
I shall never
Be broken

I was the sea and she, the storm; a sight to behold, but better apart.

Navin E.

Those metaphors

All the poetry
And the words
And, oh, those metaphors
We like to throw around
Conveying the sentiment
That is heartbreak
Remains inadequate

The truth is it’s impossible to explain how I feel.

I am tired of missing you; alone.

The seasons change with precision and I do what I can to occupy myself when you aren’t there, but don’t judge me for trying to live.

I would drop everything to be with you.

Navin E.